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SQL Developer 17.2: Publish RESTful Service (GET) ...

ThatJeffSmith | 17.2 | August 11, 09:56 AM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

Think building REST Services for Oracle Database is hard? Tooling around SQL Developer, browsing data, and thought to yourself, that would make a great Web Service? Now, you can quickly publish the query behind a grid to a new or existing ORDS Module. ...

Look and Feel – Feel Free to Go Crazy

ThatJeffSmith | windows | August 09, 11:33 AM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

Apparently SQL Developer doesn’t look super awesome on some Windows high-resolution displays (Macs are apparently A-OK!) 4 and 5k monitors. But that’s OK – it’s fixed in Java 9, and that appears to work just fine with SQL Developer...

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