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An Interview with Oracle-Base’s Tim Hall

ThatJeffSmith | Database Stuff | December 11, 07:37 AM PST | By thatjeffsmith

Mixing things up today with a quick Q&A with the guy that that generates most of the Google results to your pressing Oracle ‘how do I…?’ questions. Tim isn’t just a walking website, he’s also a great communicator. If you...

What does ‘Skip NLS Settings’ really do?

ThatJeffSmith | nls | December 05, 05:24 AM PST | By thatjeffsmith

In SQL Developer you can configure how you want things to work for your session. How DATES should appear. If numbers should use a ‘.’ or a ‘,’ to indicate group separators and decimal points. We try to guess these things based on...

Coming Soon: A More Forgiving Formatter

ThatJeffSmith | 17.4 | December 01, 05:35 AM PST | By thatjeffsmith

For 17.4, the formatter will attempt to format invalid SQL for you. If the parser runs into a problem recognizing your code, it will format it as much as it can. But that’s not all. It will ALSO go to the end of your statement, and traverse the SQL...

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