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Enforcing Naming Standards for Your Data Models

ThatJeffSmith | glossary | July 26, 12:24 PM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

Customer asks: We tried also to apply some naming conventions but I think we didn’t understand something…. Having a logical model with a table having the column X, and a glossary having the standard name as Y. Can I apply some checks based on the...

A small talk on Java Memory Model

Vaibhav's Blog Space | /Java | July 24, 08:49 PM PDT | By Vaibhav Choudhary-Java-Oracle

A small talk on Java Memory model in Bangalore JUG. Thanks to David Buck and other references in the slides. Presentation here Must read references:- Must read :- Effective Java – By Joshua Bloch (Book) ...

Modeling JSON in Oracle Database Tables

ThatJeffSmith | 12c | July 24, 07:34 AM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

Having an extra bit bucket in your tables is pretty easy now in Oracle Database 12c and higher. We offer native JSON support [JSON DOCS] – you can have a free form text column and store anything you want in it. AND, we pretty much give you the full...

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