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Oracle Open World 2017: What You Need to Know

ThatJeffSmith | bridge | September 21, 09:46 AM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

As always our team will be quite busy, with both social and technical activities. And in case you forgot, I’m on the team that brings you: Oracle SQL Developer SQL Developer Data Modeler SQLcl REST Data Services A ton of database service...

Demo App for REST enabled SQL

Kris' blog | September 14, 01:34 PM PDT | By Kris Rice

Getting Started  The new Oracle REST Data Services SQL over REST.  How to enable that is on my last blog post here: http://krisrice.blogspot.com/2017/09/ords-173-beta-introducing-rest-enabled.html cURL Examples The simplest way to test this new feature...

Bulk Load an Oracle Table from CSV via REST

ThatJeffSmith | load | September 14, 12:02 PM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

I have 1,500 rows I need to shove into a table. I don’t have access to the database, directly. But my DBA is happy to give me a HTTPS entry point to my data. What do I do? Let’s look at a Low-Code solution: Oracle REST Data Services &...

ORDS: Returning Raw {JSON}

ThatJeffSmith | json | September 11, 10:48 AM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

ORDS is nice. It auto-formats your SQL or PL/SQL results and response to JSON before returning to your client or application. But what if you’re response is ALREADY in JSON? Like this: Oracle can be your JSON DB, seriously. Bad ORDS...

SQLcl and the the ORDS JDBC Driver

ThatJeffSmith | sqlcl | September 11, 09:09 AM PDT | By thatjeffsmith

You know what SQLcl is. You know what ORDS is. How do those two things go together? Well, in ORDS 17.3 (Early Adopter/BETA!) , we offer a new feature that allows you to execute ad hoc SQL and SQL scripts via HTTPS POST calls to ORDS. No access to...

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